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Safe Return to Learn - Attestation Form, Videos, and Documents!

  1. *RCS Attestation Form- every family must submit this for each of their children in their family prior to September 21st! Thank you!

  2. *Brief RCS Safe Return to Learn Video (only 4 minutes)- this video details our safety protocols in a quick way!  All you need is the link above and you can share this video on twitter and also through email!

  3. *Please view  Our Safe Return to Learn Video Recording (details safety protocols- about 20 minutes) and also the presentation in google slides is located here:  Safety Protocols Presentation

  4. *View Our Safe Return to Learn Master FAQ Document

  5. Please post this document RCS Prevention, Response, and Considerations for School Closures for COVID-19 (this document shares school closure guidelines that were approved by our School Board tonight!

  6. *PPE Guidance and Directions Document  (This document details PPE and equipment schools received)

  7. Our Safe Return To Learn” Guidebook- this is the long guidance document that has all of our safety protocols.

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